For the introduction, let me to tell you something about this new project. We strive for almost two years to provide you the newest firmware for all Sony (Ericsson) XPERIA phones on XDA forums. But in the recent time we've decided to make a little brother of our two projects - (which informs about news in XPERIA world for Czech republic and Slovakia) and Simply we gained the impression that firmware files deserve to have their own website, where they can be easily found. Yes, we had some store on Google Drive, but there was much more bigger interest and used bandwidth than we were expecting and Google was blocking downloads. So, this is the reason we're starting the third project, which was given the name - Our own download server.
Everything is free, but to ensure server stability to avoid overloading, we ask you for compliance with some rules.
It also allows us to identify users with download accelerators which are overloading server. Server is sufficiently reliable and fast without accelerators, so, please, don't use them. Accelerators won't make your download faster, instead they make downloading slower for you and all other users. Please, consider this.
This server type with this data amount is not running for free, we pay it from our own money and our own spare time.
Our goal is to get the files to you as soon as possible and without complications. If you can help us with that, we will be grateful.

Your FIRMWAREmobile download team

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Sony XPERIA Z2 D6503 - Android 4.4.2 - firmware 17.1.2.A.0.314

Sony XPERIA Z2 is Sony Mobile flagship for 2014. It has large and quality 5,2 inch display, 3200 mAh battery, powerfull quadcore CPU from Qualcomm, 3 GB RAM or 20,7 megapixel camera. Sony XPERIA Z2 is also water resistance. Below you can find the latest firmware for the phone and also three tutorials/manuals - how to unlock the bootloader, how to relock the bootloader and how to backup the original firmware customization. Read more